Introducing “Monday Club” for your better work life in DeFi world

By ScoutOut

Making Monday great again!

Boring work life?

Being Underpaid?

Low team engagement during WFH?

No time to invest?

Tired of waking up every Monday, working, and hoping tomorrow is Friday?

Here’s the solution to make Monday great again!

Monday Club is an ecosystem offering a simple, yet powerful solution to help your work life become better, filled with newer experiences, interact with your team more, and,YES, earn more!

The Monday team was once part of a boring work life, so we understand it well. That’s why we wanted to create something different, fun & exciting for our fellow MetaSalarian!

Monday Club aims to provide you…

  • Simple solutions for complex issues
  • Maximized return with minimized risks
  • Benefits both in the real world and virtual

Enter into a world where you can experience another level of your better work life and easily earn more with Monday Club creations.

Our Products

Since the DeFi world can be confusing and takes ages to understand, we chose to focus on making it easy and accessible to everyone, from novice to experienced DeFi users. With our products, you’ll understand the DeFi world in no time!

  1. $MONDAY and Investment Protocol

Bringing the benefit of DeFi into a physical world usage.

$MONDAY is currently listed on PancakeSwap via https://mondayclub.io/

Own your $MONDAY to get both defi and real world benefits in the near future.

$MONDAY Maximum supply: 650,000,00

Initial Circulating Supply: 107,575,000 (16.55%)

Monday Club Auto-Compound

$MONDAY is the native governance token of our project which returns value to liquidity providers, farmers and token stakers. The majority of the farm performance fees are distributed back to stakers of the token.


Getting access to all the best DeFi pools is hard so Monday Club is here to make life simple. Monday Club Tokenizer creates IB tokens from popular farms which users can trade from different protocols freely through Monday Club. The Tokenizer will be an integral part of our Auto-Compound.

How is our Auto-Compound and Staking protocol revenue distributed?

All revenue generated on the platform from the collected farm performance fees is handled by our StrategyCommonChefLP smart contract which distributes all farm platform rewards

  • Anyone who farms on our platform will receive a proportionate share of the trusted farm platform’s reward together with $MONDAY rewards.
  • Anyone who stakes their $MONDAY in the MONDAY vault will receive a proportionate share of $BNB and $MONDAY rewards.

We ensure the best APY by consistently rewarding $MONDAY with every new block in the chain. We may establish new strategies to limit the cap or burn some tokens, however currently we are focused on the growth of the $MONDAY.

2. NFTs

Monday Club NFT represents all aspects of the work life and more with the character of each NFTThe collection will represent a group of salary workers who believe that there is no limit in this world that will stop them from having what they want and becoming who they want to be.

Our NFTs will be the ticket to a new world of working. Your NFTs will be your avatars in the MetaOffice ! Forget working alone and meet your fellow MetaSalarian while earning & having fun !

The NFTs will also hold real world benefits from our partners, discounts, special offers, exclusive products, you name it, we’ve GOT IT !

In 2022 Q1 we launched our branded NFTs with GQ and Central. There will be more for you to own, especially our legendary collection that will be launched in Q2. Acquire our higher-level NFTs to enjoy all its benefits!

3. Payroll & Flexi Benefit

Sure, getting paid is what us MetaSalarian look forward to every month, but imagine getting paid while also being able to invest ! With the growing trend for crypto payments, Monday Club will facilitate payroll so that companies can easily comply with local tax laws and ensure security for both company and tech workforce across the globe.

Within our platform, companies can use a range of stable coins or even their own tokens as the means for payment. Employees can also choose the payout token that they want, while using some to invest in other tokens to grow their earnings !

4. Monday Club Metaverse

It’s hard to show your full potential while working from home. Not being able to meet your fellow MetaSalarian or resuming normal work life can take a toll on both the company & employees, because of that we decided to create a space where MetaSalarian can prosper & reach their full potential.

There will no longer be a boring worklife. Live life to the fullest with our unique Monday Club Metaverse, “MetaOffice”. It will provide a better working environment and also enhance the social experience through interaction between members while relaxing with games. Land owners can create a unique experience for their employees and customers to enjoy. Just imagine the fun & excitement !

Own your lands in our MetaOffice in order to experience unique possibilities in, from clothing, shopping, communication, investments, working, learning and lifestyle

Our Roadmap

Q4 2021

  • Investments and Utilizing core products to apply to Blockchain market ✅

Q1 2022

  • Listing $MONDAY on PancakeSwap ✅
  • Launch Branded NFTs with partner ✅

Q2 2022

  • Launch Auto-Compound protocol (DeFi investment pool access v1) ✅
  • Listing & Launching $MONDAY on centralized exchanges along with LP staking
  • New Collections of Branded NFTs with partners
  • Launch First phase of Payroll protocol
  • Audit Tokenizer protocol

Q3 2022

  • Launch MetaOffice, Tokenizer protocol & second phase of Payroll protocol
  • DeFi investment pool access v2

Q4 2022

  • Link IB Tokens to Centralized Exchanges & access for Web 2.0 users to invest/trade on DeFi Farms
  • Utilize Cross chain protocol
  • DeFi investment pool access v3
  • Metaverse integration with other Web 2.0 services


After building all the fundamental building blocks for our Metaverse, we will bring people closer by integrating Monday Club with popular games and social platforms to make peer-to-peer interaction run deeper.

For more in-depth information, join Monday Club

Website: https://mondayclub.io

Discord: https://discord.gg/JhAzJFbcqa

Telegram: https://t.me/mondayclub

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mondayclubhq


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